UVC hygiene for air, surfaces, and liquids.

Consulting, design, delivery, and maintenance by a longtime partner of industry and trade.


We have supported our customers with solutions for surface, air, and water disinfection using UVC for over 15 years.

In 1998, we first serviced the German market exclusively as a subsidiary of sterilAir AG.

The topics and areas of application have changed over the years.

We implemented our first major projects in the field of air disinfection in meat processing and installed the first conveyor belt disinfector in the cutting area as an independent distributor in 2004.

In Spring 2013, we were renamed into the orca GmbH.

We developed our own product range, called UVpro, after having ended the collaboration with sterilAir AG.

All UVpro equipment has been manufactured in our own production facility in Kürten near Cologne since the beginning of 2014.

We have solved many disinfection situations in the last several years. But if you have encountered an entirely different issue, we will use our experience and work together with you to find a solution.


Incorporation of “sterilAir and sterileAqua Distribution company mbH” in Braunschweig as a subsidiary.
Entry of Dr. Michael Calenberg as managing partner through the acquisition of the GmbH shares of sterilAir AG. Name change to sterilAir GmbH and relocation to Kürten.
Rainer Orbach joins as managing partner.
Move of sterilAir GmbH in its own facility in Kürten.
Renaming to orca GmbH and termination of sales cooperation with sterilAir AG.
Commencement of production of the UVpro device series with in-house manufacture in Kürten.


The guiding principle of our thoughts and actions is open and competent customer service in order to handle specified tasks and solve problems together. The focus of all activities is the transparent and fair handling of all partners, customers, suppliers, dealers, and employees.

UVpro - our products

Our UVpro products range from assembly modules for air conditioning and ventilation, surface disinfectors, immersion emitters, and recirculation units to wall and ceiling lamps.

If you want to learn more about our products, please visit our UVpro website

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